#1 Orthodontist in Blue Springs: Adults Have Powerful Smiles

#1 Orthodontist in Blue Springs: Adults Have Powerful Smiles

Lakewood Orthodontics believes you can always get braces in Blue Springs at any age! Actually, 4 million Americans are presently undergoing medical care. Adults make up about 25% of these patients. See your orthodontist in Blue Springs if you’re unsure about getting adult braces in Blue Springs. To learn about your treatment options visit Lakewood Orthodontics.

To find out more about adult braces in Blue Springs today, continue reading!

Brace Types

It helps to think about your treatment options first. Most people associate adult braces in Blue Springs with brackets and metal wires. Nevertheless, that is merely one of your options.

Traditional Metal Braces in Blue Springs

With a single bracket bonded to the front of a tooth, conventional braces in Blue Springs are made to hold wires. To anchor the wires, you’ll need a few bands in the back.

Speak with your orthodontist in Blue Springs about replacing your metal brackets and wires with clear ones. There are even ceramic options that match the color of teeth. Selecting traditional adult braces in Blue Springs may allow you to finish treatment sooner. These choices in Blue Springs are typically the most apparent, though. Choose a different course of treatment if you’re worried that people will notice your orthodontics.

If not, think of your braces from Lakewood Orthodontics as a fashion statement! Select various colored brackets based on your personality or mood.

Aligners for Invisalign

If you’re looking for discretion, Invisalign might just be your teeth’s little secret!  At Lakewood Orthodontics, we’ll hook you up with clear plastic trays that work their magic. Just pop ’em in and let them do their thing, changing trays every few weeks to keep things movin’.

Remember, you’ll need to wear them for about 22 hours a day, but hey, you gotta make sacrifices for that perfect smile, right? And don’t forget to brush after every meal, unless you’re a fan of food particles playing hide-and-seek between your aligners and teeth!

Aligners are less noticeable than alternative treatment options with an Invisalign orthodontist in Blue Springs, even though they aren’t totally undetectable. Metal wires won’t be a concern for you when you floss or brush.

If you want to get Invisalign treatment, you must maintain your discipline. It is imperative that you wear your aligners. If not, there could be a delay in your course of treatment.

Adjustable Adult Braces in Blue Springs

Elastic bands are not needed with self-ligating lingual braces in Blue Springs to assist in moving your teeth into position. Rather, they entail a wire that goes through a tiny metal bracket clip.

You can find out which option best meets your needs by making an appointment for a consultation with your orthodontist in Blue Springs. You can tailor your treatment plan to your needs and objectives with their assistance.

Conventional metal braces and lingual braces in Blue Springs are comparable. Instead, the brackets are affixed to the posterior of your teeth using cement. As a result, this treatment option is more covert.

Lakewood Orthodontics braces are essentially invisible because the brackets are positioned behind your teeth. The course of treatment will progress at the same speed as it would with traditional braces in Blue Springs.

Lingual braces in Blue Springs, however, are made to order. They typically have higher costs than alternative Blue Springs orthodontics options.

The Advantages

Examine the benefits and drawbacks of orthodontic treatment if you’re still unsure about getting started. Here are a few advantages that adult braces in Blue Springs can provide you with.

1. Enhance Your Dental Health in General

Straightening your teeth with Lakewood Orthodontics not only enhances your smile but also boosts your overall oral health game. Say goodbye to food particle hide-and-seek in tooth gaps! Saliva + bacteria + food particles = plaque party 🎉 But fear not! Brushing can banish plaque, though ignoring it could lead to tartar trouble. Remember, your dentist is the tartar terminator!

It can be challenging to brush and floss when your teeth are crooked. Adult braces in Blue Springs can be used to close gaps and correct alignment problems. Then, you can prevent later oral health problems (such as bruxism and gingivitis).

Orthodontist in Blue Springs

2. Properly Chew and Digest

Got a misaligned bite or crooked teeth? Chomping down on some foods might feel like a mission impossible. So, you end up ditching them from your diet. But hey, watch out! Skipping out on a balanced diet might leave you malnourished. And let’s not even talk about the tummy troubles that come with improper chewing. Chew wisely, folks!

Alternatively, you can see your orthodontist in Blue Springs to address your alignment problems. You can chew and digest food correctly once more after your teeth are straight.

3. Steer Clear of Gingivitis

Gum disease affects about 65 million adults in the US. Gum disease may result in:

  • Swollen, red gums
  • Gum bleeding
  • Pus between the teeth and gums
  • Foul breath
  • A shift in alignment
  • Disagreeable aftertaste
  • Teeth that are loose

If your gum disease gets worse, you might even lose your teeth. If there are significant spaces between your teeth, you may be more susceptible to gum disease. By receiving treatment from your orthodontist in Blue Springs, you can close those gaps.

4. Conserve Cash

Starting orthodontic treatment now can be a wise investment in both your smile and your wallet. Don’t let gingivitis turn into periodontitis and open the door to a parade of costly health issues. Take control of your dental destiny with Lakewood Orthodontics and pave the way for a healthier future!

5. Increase Your Self-Esteem

Consider getting orthodontic treatment if you have just recently started to hide your smile. It is possible to correct alignment problems or gaps with Lakewood Orthodontics.

You’ll be able to smile and flash that gorgeous straight smile once your treatment is over.

Brace Yourself: Ask Your Blue Springs Orthodontist About Adult Braces in Blue Springs

Take off your mask and smile! Consider adult braces in Blue Springs instead, available from your orthodontist in Blue Springs. Your life may be improved for years to come if you begin treatment now.

Are you curious about your available treatment options? We are available to assist.

At Lakewood Orthodontics, your orthodontist in Blue Springs, we appreciate the significance of a perfect smile and treat you like part of our family. Our objective is to provide beautiful, healthy smiles that will last a lifetime using cutting-edge orthodontic care in a fun, family-friendly environment. We offer various treatment options, including traditional braces, clear ceramic braces, hidden braces, and Invisalign to accommodate every individual’s needs and preferences.

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Dr. Ravi Rajanna, a clear aligner orthodontist in Blue Springs, collaborates with your general dentist to encourage routine dental care and good oral hygiene at home. We’re proud of our flexible scheduling and affordable treatment options, including no-interest payment plans. Furthermore, we accept direct payment for most insurance plans. Our practice prioritizes safety and comfort, ensuring the highest level of protection for our patients through our sterilization procedures.

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