Easy Financing

To make orthodontic treatment affordable for everyone we offer a variety of payment options including:

  • Low down payments
  • 0% interest in-office financing
  • Multi-family member discounts
  • Full-payment discount

We keep our fees flexible and affordable and can tailor your payment plan to meet the needs of budgets of all sizes.


We participate in most major insurance plans and are happy to file your claim on your behalf. It is important to understand a few key concepts about your orthodontic coverage:
  • We will verify your benefits before starting treatment. 
  • The benefit amounts are an estimate and are only as accurate as the info we receive from your insurance carrier.
  • The benefits available in insurance plans are highly variable. It is important for you to educate yourself on the unique characteristics of your individual policy.
  • Your treatment fees are an agreement between you and us. We do our best to maximize your insurance benefits however, any fees left unpaid by your insurance company are your responsibility.  
  • Your insurance company will often pay out your benefit slowly over the course of your treatment. It is important for you to maintain your policy until completion of treatment to maximize the benefits you receive.