#1 Orthodontist in Blue Springs – The Perfect Age for Braces

#1 Orthodontist in Blue Springs – The Perfect Age for Braces

It’s never too late to get a gorgeous, straight smile—with over four million Americans wearing braces, and 25% of them being adults. Many people believe that getting braces is best done in the early stages of adolescence. Although now may be the ideal time to correct spacing problems and straighten teeth, orthodontic treatment can benefit people of all ages.

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Knowing when to get braces is crucial, whether you’re looking for them for yourself or one of your kids. You should consult with a licensed orthodontist in Blue Springs for more details about braces in Blue Springs.

Everything you need to know about when to get braces and where to look for Blue Springs, Missouri’s top orthodontist, will be covered in this guide.

What Age Is Appropriate for Braces?

The age at which braces should be worn is not always a determining factor. When deciding whether a child is ready for orthodontic treatment in Blue Springs, there are a few rules and factors to take into account.

Many orthodontists in Blue Springs believe that children between the ages of 10 and 14 are the best candidates for braces. It is best to get braces at a young age because they will shift your teeth and adjust your bite. Furthermore, at that age, a child typically has all of their permanent teeth.

The mandible should also be taken into account. A child’s jawbone won’t be fully developed at this age. Because it will be softer, the teeth can be repositioned with greater response.

When their jawbone isn’t fully developed, the teeth will move much more easily. This condition of the jawbone will facilitate the correction of any bite problems by the braces.

Early Interventions in Orthodontics

Additionally, an orthodontist in Blue Springs might advise that a child have an orthodontic evaluation by the time they are seven years old. Preventative or interception care can help address your child’s teeth and spacing before their permanent teeth erupt, if treatment is currently required for the child.

During “phase-one” early intervention, some orthodontists in Blue Springs prefer to treat bite misalignments or jaw issues in children this age. In addition to cutting down on treatment time, this can help parents save money during their child’s orthodontic treatment.

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Early orthodontic treatment can involve wearing the following, for example:

  • Retainer
  • Palatal expander that creates more room in a person’s mouth
  • Growth modifying appliance
  • Partial braces for short lengths of time

If your child has any basic structural problems in their mouth, early orthodontic care with a children’s orthodontist in Blue Springs can help fix them. When they eventually wear a full set of braces, this will help correct alignment and straighten the teeth.

How an Orthodontist in Blue Springs Can Help You Choose the Appropriate Time

It’s critical to prepare questions for your child’s orthodontic evaluation in advance of the appointment. Knowing what you and your child are comfortable with ahead of time is important if you’re taking them in for an early evaluation.

Your children’s orthodontist in Blue Springs will take your child’s dental alignment and spacing into consideration when providing their recommendation for treatment.

The Time Is Always Right to Obtain Braces

You may want to have an examination of your teeth done by the orthodontist in Blue Springs that your child is regularly seeing. You don’t have to be self-conscious about the way your teeth look or how you smile. You can get assistance if it has had a detrimental effect on your life.

There are numerous brace options that are excellent for adult teeth. An experienced orthodontist in Blue Springs can discuss your options with you.

With Invisalign®

An obvious choice for straightening teeth is Invisalign orthodontist in Blue Springs, which is excellent for both adults and children. SmartTrack is the material used to make clear aligners. Because of this, they are comfortable and simple to put on and take off.

Since they are so subtle, the aligners won’t interfere with your daily activities. Your teeth can move with them instead of having to wear bulky metal braces. With Invisalign, you can also see straighter teeth in as little as six months.

Clear Correct™  

Clear Correct™, a different kind of clear aligner, allows people to straighten their teeth without the need for metal brackets and wires. To straighten your teeth, all you have to do is wear Clear Correct™ for about 22 hours a day.

You will require regular aligner changes if you choose this option. Your bite issues and tooth severity will determine how frequently that occurs.

Reasons to Come to Lakewood Orthodontics

Our top priorities are your comfort and smile. Our whole team is dedicated to making your orthodontic treatment as simple and comfortable as we can. Lakewood Orthodontics is a place where you can always find a support system, whether the appointment is for you, your kids, or both of you.

A personalized children’s orthodontist in Blue Springs treatment plan will be developed based on the patient’s requirements. Our objective is to keep the course of treatment as brief and reasonably priced as we can.

The orthodontist in Blue Springs go over the plan with you before we begin treatment. We’ll go over the procedures and the rationale behind them. If you have more than one option, we’ll go over each one in great detail.

Whether it’s for you or your child, you actively participate in your care. When choosing your orthodontic treatment, there is no such thing as too many questions to ask.

Get in touch with our office and schedule an appointment with an orthodontist in Blue Springs right now for more details about braces for you or your child. We’ll talk about our suggested treatment plan and whether your child is at the appropriate age.

At Lakewood Orthodontics, your orthodontist in Blue Springs, we appreciate the significance of a perfect smile and treat you like part of our family. Our objective is to provide beautiful, healthy smiles that will last a lifetime using cutting-edge orthodontic care in a fun, family-friendly environment. We offer various treatment options, including traditional braces, clear ceramic braces, hidden braces, and Invisalign to accommodate every individual’s needs and preferences.

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Dr. Ravi Rajanna, a clear aligner orthodontist in Blue Springs, collaborates with your general dentist to encourage routine dental care and good oral hygiene at home. We’re proud of our flexible scheduling and affordable treatment options, including no-interest payment plans. Furthermore, we accept direct payment for most insurance plans. Our practice prioritizes safety and comfort, ensuring the highest level of protection for our patients through our sterilization procedures.

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