3 Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign braces are a great alternative to permanently correct your alignment issues without experiencing many of the drawbacks of traditional braces.  Read on to learn about some benefits of Invisalign braces.

No Food Restrictions
Traditional braces make cleaning your teeth more difficult. The brackets and wires can also become damaged if you hazard to eat hard or sticky foods. Invisalign® mouthpieces, on the other hand, are removable, allowing the patient to continue enjoying the foods they love and cleaning their teeth afterward with no more difficulty than they had before undergoing this orthodontic treatment. Invisalign® should be worn at least 22 hours a day – but that gives you an ample two hours each day to enjoy any foods you choose, and subsequently, brush and floss all traces of them from your teeth. Source: http://www.docshop.com/education/dental/orthodontics/invisalign

Avoid Pain and Irritation from Metal Wires
The metal wires in traditional braces are notorious for causing pain, discomfort, and mouth sores. And since the treatment is long term, patients are forced to live in discomfort for months. Invisalign straighteners are made of smooth plastic that is carefully molded to your teeth for a comfortable, pain-free fit. Source: http://happytoothnc.com/benefits-invisalign-traditional-braces/

Metal braces can cause the appearance of the mouth to be unattractive, as though it is filled with awkward chunks of unsightly metal.  They are noticeable, especially on an adult, and can get food caught in them without the wearer even being aware of it.  Invisalign® clear braces are barely noticeable.  They look very much as though the person wearing them is not wearing braces at all.  They are decidedly more attractive than metal braces. Source: http://www.123dentist.com/5-advantages-of-invisalign-over-traditional-braces/

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