3 Benefits of Water Flossers

Gum disease is a root cause of bad breath and tooth loss. To help prevent gum disease, dental professionals encourage us to floss daily.  There are many different options for flossing, one of which is using a water flosser.

Below are 3 benefits of using a water flosser:

For People with Braces

One benefit of a Waterpik is that it’s gentle on the gums and is less likely to cause bleeding in people with sensitive gums, according to Hayes. A Waterpik is also ideal for people who wear braces — water will get behind the metal wires and flush out food particles. A Waterpik is sometimes recommended for people who have active gum disease because it flushes out bacteria from deep pockets that form when gums pull away from the teeth that floss can’t reach. Source: LiveStrong

For Controlling Gingivitis

A study conducted by the University of Nebraska in 2005 found that water flossers are more than 50 percent more effective at controlling gingivitis, an inflammation of the gums that’s often the forerunner of more serious gum disease. Flossers also reduce the risk of bleeding gums during cleaning by up to 93 percent. There’s something else to consider, too. A flossing study of children and young adults with braces found that using a Waterpik was not only more effective at removing food particles and bacteria from orthodontic appliances than string flossing, but the participants enjoyed using the water flosser more than the manual method. Flossing isn’t a very popular personal care activity. Only 13.5 percent of Americans claim they floss daily, and anything that increases a person’s likelihood of flossing regularly equates to less gum disease and fewer cavities. Source: HowStuffWorks

For People with Diabetes

People with diabetes tend to be at greater risk for periodontal disease and often have more severe gingival inflammation. A study on people with diabetes found that those who used the Water Flosser for three months had a 44% better reduction in bleeding and a 41% better reduction in gingivitis over those who did not use the Water Flosser. Source: RDHMag

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