5 Tips for Smiling in Pics with Braces

You’ve got braces…It’s not forever, but right now it may make you feel a little self conscious when it’s time to take those family photos this holiday season. The good news is, there are easy ways you can minimize the look of braces in photos. Here are five tips to follow when it’s time to ‘Say Cheese!’.

    1. Brush and floss your teeth and braces before picture time. Also, apply some lip balm or moisturizer to help with dry and flaky lips which can happen more often during this time of the year! As you may have noticed, when your lips are dry, they tend to catch more readily on your braces, which can tear at the skin and that probably isn’t the look you’re going for in photos.
    2. Try not to pinch your lips closed. Instead, keep your lips slightly parted. If you’re self-conscious of your teeth due to braces, you may think it’s best just to smile closed-lip, but this may not make for the most attractive photo. In fact, it could be mistaken for fake insincerity. Part your lips slightly and you’ll come off as more friendly, open and sincere.
    3. Turn off the flash. The flash tends to reflect light off of your braces, especially if you have metal brackets. You can avoid bringing more attention to your braces by opting for outdoor photos (if it’s not too cold!) since you won’t need to use the flash outside. Of course, professional photographers will have special light filtering equipment, but if you’re concerned at all about the quality of the photo, remember that late afternoon outdoor light is ideal for taking flattering photos.
    4. Try wearing lipstick. Accentuating your lips will draw attention to your smile. Experiment with different shades until you get the right one.
    5. Practice your smile before you take photos. Only you can know which is your best side, which smile reflects your personality, and how you want to come off looking in your photos. Before getting together with family and friends take some time to practice your smile in front of a mirror since this is when the impromptu photos can happen! It may sound silly, but you can actually exercise your smile by doing some simple stretches to find the “smile range” you feel comfortable with. Keep your lips closed, stretch the corners of your mouth outward, and hold for 10 seconds. Keep stretching outward and holding the pose. Go through the range again until you hit on the best look for you. Learning to control your smile is the most important part of taking a photo with braces.

    Dr. Ravi and everyone else here at KC Braces are dedicated to providing quality orthodontic treatment and that means making sure we help you to feel as comfortable in your braces as possible! So go out there and have a wonderful holiday knowing you can achieve a photo-worthy smile that enhances your appearance, health, comfort and self-esteem. And don’t forget to show us your photos!